Biofeedback For Windows PC

Biofeedback For PC

Are you looking for a biofeedback machine that will work with your Windows PC?

There aren’t too many devices on the market that can interface with a home computer running Windows 7, Vista or XP, but there is one device, called the Iom, that was specifically designed for this purpose.

The Iom is a powerful USB biofeedback machine that easily connects to Windows PC (or Mac) and comes bundled with a number of high quality software titles. The Iom can be used in a variety of ways depending on your needs, including biofeedback training, casual gaming and the recording and analysis of biometric data.

The Iom is outfitted with multi-channel biosensors to monitor your body’s stress response in real-time. These sensors include a photoplethysmographic sensor (PPG), to track your heart beat activity, and a galvanic skin response sensor (GSR), to monitor your autonomic nervous system.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Iom’s PPG sensor displays your heartbeat as a pulse wave . This can provide detailed information about the functioning of your heart in real-time. In addition, using the bundled graphing tool, the Iom biofeedback machine is capable of monitoring your heart rate variability (HRV), BPM and pulse strength.

Galvanic Skin Response

The Iom’s GSR sensor can pick up subtle changes to your skin’s electrical conductivity. This information is used to report changes to your autonomic nervous system.

If you are unsettled, stressed or aroused, the GSR sensor will detect the rising dominance of your sympathetic nervous system. Conversely, if you are calm and relaxed, the sensor will indicate the activation of your parasympathetic nervous system.

Biofeedback Software For Windows PC

Part of what makes the Iom biofeedback device so unique is that it comes bundled with a variety of software titles. No other biofeedback machine on the market comes with such well-developed custom software tools.

These titles include two packages of games and training exercises, as well as two more titles offering comprehensive virtual workshops for in-depth training and lifestyle adjustments.

For those wishing to use graphing and charting software, you’ll be pleased to know that the bundled Iom Grapher can display and record multiple bio-signs during biofeedback training sessions.

There is also a third-party tool, called LSmonitor, that can display raw data collected from the device in numeric or line graph forms. LSmonitor is a free biofeedback software application.

Portable Biofeedback Machine

The Iom is a compact biofeedback machine. The unit is only about the size of a deck of cards, and does not require a separate power adapter; the device is powered solely through its USB cable. This makes the Iom especially easy to transport.

How To Buy This Biofeedback Machine?

The Iom is only available from its manufacturer, Wild Divine. This company has been producing biofeedback devices since 2003, and has a great reputation for offering high quality hardware and software products. The Iom comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

Click the link below to visit the Wild Divine wesite.

biofeedback For PC