Biofeedback For Mac

Biofeedback For Macintosh Computer

Biofeedback Machine For Macintosh Computers

If you’ve searched the web looking for biofeedback devices, you’ve no doubt realized that most of what’s offered is either ridiculously expensive, or suspiciously outdated. Even worse, there are very few biofeedback machines available that can interface with a modern computer, such as an Apple Mac running OS X .

Fortunately, there’s one biofeedback machine that’s been created specifically for Mac and PC users —  it’s called the Iom, and it’s produced by the company Wild Divine.

There are many reasons why the Iom has become the most popular biofeedback machine today among home users and professional therapists. I’ll try to cover some of these reasons below. If you haven’t read my detailed review of the device, visit my homepage to get the full story.

How Biofeedback Works

A biofeedback device is comprised of sensors that pick up subtle physiological signals from your body. These signals can be monitored, in real time, to aid in modifying some aspect of your behavior.

For instance, you might wish to deepen your state of relaxation by monitoring your heart rate variability (HRV). As you are guided by the training software to initiate relaxation through breathing exercises and mental imagery, you can observe how your heart activity responds, and make immediate adjustments to aide the process.

After several treatment sessions, you may be able to enter a deep state of relaxation with minimal effort and within a short period of time. Biofeedback training aims to teach your body how to function correctly and efficiently.

Powerful Biofeedback: Multiple Bio-Sensors

The Iom from Wild Divine has three finger sensors that monitor heart activity and autonomic nervous system activation. It can listen and record these signals in real time. With this collection of data, the following information can be observed simultaneously:

  • Heart rate BPM
  • Pulse strength
  • Heart rate variability
  • Galvanic skin response

Connects To Your Mac Over USB

What’s the use of having a biofeedback machine if it can’t connect to your home computer for data storage and further analysis?

This is a major problem when shopping for a useful biofeedback device – most equipment on the market today cannot connect to a modern PC, let alone a Mac!

Fortunately, the Iom uses a standard USB port to effortlessly connect to a Macintosh computer – it’s plug-and-play, exactly how you’d expect it to be.

Further more, the Iom is powered over USB, so it doesn’t require a separate power adapter to function. This makes the pint-sized unit even more portable — it’s the perfect companion for your MacBook. Why not get some biofeedback treatment away from home? With the Iom, it’s quite possible.

Biofeedback Software For Macintosh

A personal biofeedback machine is useless without software specifically designed to show feedback, store records and provide guidance for the person using it.

Wild Divine, the makers of the Iom, have created the most user-friendly, creative and effective biofeedback training software ever developed. There are truly no competitors when it comes to what Wild Divine has been producing since 2003.

Wild Divine offers games, training exercises and professional-class monitoring software for their biofeedback equipment. Their software packages can be purchased bundled with their Iom hardware or acquired separately individually.

All of Wild Divine’s software titles work in OS X Lion, as well as the pervious version, OS X Snow Leopard.

USB Biofeedback Device For PC and Mac

How To Order

The Iom is produced and sold exclusively by Wild Divine from their online webstore. By purchasing directly from the company, you are guaranteed to pay the lowest price and are covered by a generous 30 day money-back guarantee.

The Wild Divine software supports both PC’s and Mac’s, so there should be no issues with compatibility. Also, if you own multiple computers, you’ll be happy to know that all of your systems can run the software. This is convenient if you plan to use the device at multiple locations, such as at work and at home.

For my own use, I have the software installed on my Mac Mini, iMac and Macbook Pro. Because of the device’s portability, I can bring it where ever I go!