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My Biofeedback Machine Review:

Yes — I own and use the biofeedback device known as the Iom. I have reviewed the unit extensively, but you’ll need to visit my homepage here to read about it. Sorry, but I moved the review from this page, as most people were directly landing on my homepage. Damn internets!

I’ve also created a short video review of the product. I actually own the older model of the Iom (called the Gemstone). But the version I own works exactly the same as the current model, it just comes in a different color..

In the written review, I talk about biofeedback therapy in general and why it may be of interest to you. Then I spend time reviewing the actual device. I also mention the various software packages that can be bundled or purchased separately with the Iom. These titles include recreational games, that will help you learn biofeedback techniques, as well as Wild Divine’s critically acclaimed Relaxing Rhythms virtual workshop program.

Wild Divine has developed their software to work on both PC’s and Mac’s. I use both operating systems, so this is handy when I’m moving between my office and my home.

In the video review, you can get an idea of how the biofeedback machine functions. I show its bio-sensors, which are three finger rings that gently clasp your finger tips, and the simple plug-and-play USB interface that connects and powers the device. I finish by demonstrating a bit of the software title The Passage.

I plan to write more about the Iom, and also shoot some more videos. In particular, I want to show the LSmonitor application, which can graph and record all the signals picked up by the Iom simultaneously. It’s a fantastically useful tool. And completely free!

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