Biofeedback Machine Review

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What’s the best biofeedback machine to buy?

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How I Got Started With Biofeedback Therapy

I first became interested in using a biofeedback machine when I was attending college as an undergraduate psychology student.

During a particular lecture, I was introduced to the idea of biofeedback training. I found the concept of this high-tech therapy absolutely mind-blowing, and as an over-stressed student juggling school, work and a chaotic social life, I really wanted to experience biofeedback training for myself!

As I learned more about biofeedback theory, everything seemed to make perfect sense to me. I fell in love with the concept that one can change their body’s functioning by focusing in to the signals that it produces — much like a mechanic listening to the sounds of a car’s exhaust as she fine tunes the engine.

Monitoring your bio-signs can teach you how to exert control over unconscious bodily processes. These skills, once acquired, can help you form new habits that increase physical and mental wellbeing.

Biofeedback is such a powerful concept, and yet it remains inexplicably ignored by our mainstream culture and health care systems. I guess we’re just content living with our chronic disorders?

Back to my story…

After learning about biofeedback in my biopsychology class, I went home and scoured the web looking for biofeedback equipment that I would actually be able to afford. Unfortunately, much of what I found was either surplus medical equipment — looking quite outdated and costing a small fortune — or consumer devices with very limited functionality.

Eventually, I stumbled across the device that I currently use today – the Iom from Wild Divine. (I actually own the older version called the Gemstone  — it’s functionally the same, but comes in a funky purple color and glows with LED lights!)

Biofeedback Review: Best Package

Why Did I Choose This Particular Device?

Well, I intent to answer that for you in this review!

But first, let’s go over a few basics so you know what you’re getting into:

What Is A Biofeedback Machine?

A Biofeedback device records subtle activity from your body – often, physiological signals that you wouldn’t otherwise be able to detect without sensitive equipment, nor analyze without the aide of a microprocessor.

A biofeedback machine displays these signals, in real time, allowing the treatment subject to consciously alter various bodily functions often through mental effort alone.

How is Biofeedback Used?

After several decades of clinical research, biofeedback is now an accepted form of primary or complimentary treatment for many types of diseases and disorders. It is not a form of  “alternative medicine”, nor is it considered an experimental form of treatment in most of its popular applications.

In short, biofeedback is a science backed therapy with little, if any, mystique or controversy surrounding it.

What Health Problems Can It Treat?

  • High stress
  • Anxiety and panic disorder
  • Phobias
  • ADHD
  • Chronic pain

Of course, there are many more disorders that biofeedback has been employed to treat, but these are some of the most common applications for its use today. And I should mention, the Iom and its software packages do not specifically treat any particular health ailment, but it does teach vital coping and relaxation skills that are applicable to treating just about any chronic disease.

What Are The Benefits Of Using Biofeedback?

Biofeedback training is virtually risk-free.

Treatment typically involves being attached to bio-sensors and a being guided through mental or physical activities. This can involve conjuring mental imagery to stimulate the nervous system, or controlling breathing patterns to alter heart rate activity.

Biofeedback training is a type of learning exercise — it teaches your body and mind to function correctly. This can lead to sustained long-term results without any sort of drug intervention or the kinds of invasive treatment most people try to avoid.

Biofeedback therapy works by correcting the core dysfunctions associated with a particular ailment, rather than simply masking its symptoms.

My Biofeedback Machine Review: The Iom

So what exactly is the Iom?

The Iom is a biofeedback machine that uses a standard USB connector to interface with a PC or Mac.

If you shop around and look at “competing” biofeedback equipment, you’ll notice that very few of them can actually interface with a regular home computer. Most of these devices provide feedback through a built-in LCD display — a small, colorless readout that allows for zero interaction with the collected data!

The Iom is small and lightweight — it’s only about the size of a deck of cards.

The Iom is conveniently powered over USB. This means you don’t need a separate power brick and power cord to get it working; it’s plug-and-play with virtually no setup time.

The Iom features three finger rings that are worn to gather the following bio-signs:

  • Heart rate BPM
  • Pulse strength and waveform
  • Heart rate variability
  • Galvanic skin response

The Iom is the only home use biofeedback machine with simultaneous multi-channel data!

Biofeedback Software For PC and Mac

What would a powerful multi-channel biofeedback device be without great software to fully exploit its capabilities? Many of the biofeedback machines sold today don’t feature any type of software (let alone the means to connect to a computer).

Fortunately, the makers of the Iom have developed amazing software titles for their device. These titles include recreational type training games, along with more serious forms of biofeedback training specifically for skill learning and therapy.

All of Wild Divine’s software works in Microsoft Windows (Windows 7, Vista, and XP) as well as Apple OS X (Lion, Snow Leopard, Leopard).

The Passage

The first software title available for the Iom Biofeedback machine was The Passage. This title features a collection of mini-games that will teach you how to control your breathing, heartbeat and nervous system response.

The app features beautiful graphics and various virtual guides who will instruct you through each exercise. The game provides an excellent starting point for learning basic skills and understanding the concept behind mind-body control. It’s a great, friendly introduction to biofeedback training.

I found The Passage to be a ton of fun; I still return to it often to replay many of its mini-games. In a way, the program sort of disguises biofeedback training as a collection of entertaining challenges. This is probably why a lot of children like to play The Passage as well!

Wisdom Quest

After most people had completed The Passage, there was much demand for a sequel — the Iom community is a demanding bunch! Wild Divide collected feedback from its users and followed up a year later with Wisdom Quest, a lengthy sequel featuring advanced challenges for those who had mastered the basics in The Passage.

The Wisdom Quest challenges are quite difficult and you’ll need real mastery over your body and mind to progress through its numerous levels. But this is exactly what you’ll be looking for after you learn the basics!

Relaxing Rhythms

After receiving much critical acclaim for both The Passage and Wisdom Quest, Wild Divine released their next software title, Relaxing Rhythms. This title was developed with the support of several famous wellness gurus, including Deepak Chopra, Andrew Weil, and Dean Ornish.

Relaxing Rhythms is perhaps the pinnacle of digital interactive biofeedback training –- it’s a product that truly stands on its own. No competitor has even attempted to release anything similar.

The software sets up a virtual workshop that aims to improve your life through a comprehensive 15-step program. You’ll learn how to breathe, meditate and focus your mental energy for greater relaxation and healing.

Included with the package are 15 games and 30 training exercises, along with a slick graphing tool to directly monitor and record your bio-signs during training sessions. The data from this tool provides you with raw evidence of your progress.

A program such as Relaxing Rhythms works so efficiently because it reinforces what you’re doing right and swiftly corrects your behavior when you could be doing better. This, of course, is the core concept behind biofeedback training. With Relaxing Rhythms, you’ll learn powerful new skills in a matter of days and weeks instead of taking months and years to master through traditional methods.

Secrets of Meditation

This title was developed in partnership with Dr. Deepak Chopra.

Secrets focuses on learning how to reach incredibly deep states of meditation. This will provide you with greater access to your unconscious mind. Deepak will teach you how to breath more efficiently, concentrate more intensely, and focus without distractions. With his experienced guidance and the aide of your biofeedback machine, you’ll master these skills in a matter of weeks instead of spending years of time in dedicated study.

My Experience With The Iom Biofeedback Machine

When I first ordered the biofeedback machine, it felt like a complete shot in the dark — I had no idea of what to expect, and I wondered if I had wasted my money. Fortunately, I can say that using this form of therapy has been a life changing experience!

The Iom has shown me that I have much greater control over involuntary bodily functions than I ever thought possible. The device exposes the ever present mind-body connection from the very first time you use it. I have found this to be incredibly empowering.

The Iom can show how a single negative thought can trigger an immediate response in my nervous system, or how entering a state of deep relaxation can lower the variability of one’s heart rate.

Once you begin biofeedback training, your eyes are opened to all sorts of unconscious processes happening within your body; it’s inspiring, but also quite surprising!

Perhaps the thing I like most about biofeedback training is that there are no secrets or leaps of faith with this form of therapy — only directly observable evidence and results. This is why biofeedback training is one of the few complimentary treatment methods that is regularly endorsed by the established medical community. And this is the primary reason why I gave biofeedback therapy a chance in the first place — I’m a hardcore skeptic!

Biofeedback For Home Use

Before the Iom was developed, the vast majority of biofeedback equipment on the market was created for use in the lab amongst professional technicians. Thus, obtaining a biofeedback machine for home use was impractical and costly.

Fortunately, Wild Divine realized the great potential of using biofeedback in the home setting, and brought the Iom to market.

The Iom is a powerful multi-sensor biofeedback device that connects over USB to a PC or Mac. But what good would this hardware be if there wasn’t great software to exploit it? This is where Wild Divine is in a class of its own. No other biofeedback equipment manufacturer has invested any effort into producing virtual training course software.

The Wild Divine biofeedback system is suitable for just about anyone – from the recreational enthusiast to the professional therapist. In fact, many professionals use the Iom in their practice because there are few alternatives on the market matching its capabilities, cost and convenience. (Actually, I would say there are none.)

What Does It Cost?

Depending on the bundled software package, the Iom sells for a couple hundred dollars. You can click the link down below to visit the Wild Divine webstore and check out the packages for yourself. Generally speaking, the larger the software bundle, the larger the discount you’ll receive.

Where to Buy The Iom?

The Iom is sold exclusively through its manufacturer, Wild Divine. Click here to visit their website and learn more about their products and prices.

Anything Else?

Wild Divine offers a generous 30-day money-back guarantee for their products. The company has been selling biofeedback machines since 2003, and is very confident and experienced at what they do.

I’ve never had a problem with my biofeedback machine; it has been a robust work horse, treating myself and many others over the past several years.

Well, I think I’ve said enough for now, so thanks for reading my review. And if you happen to get an Iom, let me know what you think of it. I’m alway happy to meet other users of this amazing technology!

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