Biofeedback Machine Review

You’ve likely come to my website to answer this question:

What’s the best biofeedback machine to buy?

I first became interested in using a biofeedback machine when I was attending college as an undergraduate psychology student.

During a particular lecture, I was introduced to the idea of biofeedback training. I found the concept of this high-tech therapy absolutely mind-blowing, and as an over-stressed student juggling school, work and a chaotic social life, I really wanted to experience biofeedback training for myself!

As I learned more about biofeedback theory, everything seemed to make perfect sense to me. I fell in love with the concept that one can change their body’s functioning by focusing in to the signals that it produces — much like a mechanic listening to the sounds of a car’s exhaust as she fine tunes the engine.

Monitoring your bio-signs can teach you how to exert control over unconscious bodily processes. These skills, once acquired, can help you form new habits that increase physical and mental wellbeing.

Biofeedback is such a powerful concept, and yet it remains inexplicably ignored by our mainstream culture and health care systems. I guess we’re just content living with our chronic disorders?

Back to my story…

After learning about biofeedback in my biopsychology class, I went home and scoured the web looking for biofeedback equipment that I would actually be able to afford. Unfortunately, much of what I found was either surplus medical equipment — looking quite outdated and costing a small fortune — or consumer devices with very limited functionality.

Eventually, I stumbled across the unit I recommend today — the IomPE from Wild Divine.